Working Bees and Garden Gatherings will be held on the first Sunday of the month from 10am.

Gardening skills an advantage but not essential.






Learning, playing, sharing, supporting our community and environment, fresh, organic food, expressing creativity,  learning new skills, feeling safe. These phrases help describe the principles behind the Fig Tree Community Garden. Your enthusiasm, ideas and knowledge are always welcome.



If you are part of a group or organisation that could benefit from volunteering at Fig Tree or perhaps your organisation would like to contribute to community development and environmental outcomes, contact us to discuss mutually beneficial opportunities between our organisation and yours, including sustainability, grant partnerships, sponsorship, education and more.




Working Bee   

First Sunday of every month (except December) from 10am.

After a few hours gardening, talking and learning it's time to sit back and relax with some lunch and a hard-earned drink. Bring along a picnic for lunch and drinks are available from The Croatian Wickham Sports Club bar.



If there are no other gardeners in the Garden please feel free to undertake tasks on the whiteboard in the Garden "office" adjacent to the seed house. Read the safety rules first and don't forget if you want to garden regularly you need to become a member!


Water comes from the three water tanks on the site. One located near the seed  house and the two in the garden. Watering cans are located near the seedhouse tank. The water tanks hold 1400 watering cans worth of water… but please do not waste as they are currently being filled by bore rather than rainwater. The priorities for water are hot house (these things dry out quick)and new seedlings in the garden. Everything else is a bonus. Even trees in the park or orchard will enjoy a drink in the height of summer. Water in the late afternoon or morning if possible.


Due to changing conditions of use planting in the garden needs to follow the current plan of management unless you wish to accept responsibility for your own garden bed. If you wish to have a bed for individual use please email your request. Bed allottments will be made subject to availability.



The compost bays are curently under redevelopment. When leaving food scraps in current compost area they must be covered with spades/shovels available in the seed house for this purpose. Similarly suitably sized food scraps for the worms must be covered with newspaper to minimise vermin and vinegar fly infestations. 

Whilst we appreciate that you may be busy so too are we and as unpaid volunteers gardeners are not present everyday to cover food scraps. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO DO THIS!

Please remember we are a garden NOT A DUMP SITE OR A RUBBISH TIP!

Seed Saving

Most things planted at the site are from heirloom seed varieties meaning they will produce viable seeds for next crop. So if plants in the garden are going to seed that's OK because we want to collect the seed. When seeds dry out on the plant gather them up put them in an envelope or wrap them in a piece of paper, label them and put into seed house.

Pulling Weeds

If in doubt - don't pull it out.


The best fertiliser going comes from the worm farms. The liquid caught in buckets should be spread around your favourite plants. It will go further if you dilute it 1 part worm wee to 5 parts water, but this stuff has a neutral pH so it wont harm plants if not diluted. Spreading compost on garden beds that look a little under the weather is also a helpful practice.


Everyone's favourite. Most vegetable plants benefit from harvesting - so pick some for your personal consumption from communal beds only. Plants bolt to seed or became exhausted when they are not harvested. The only time you will take the whole plant when harvesting is when you pick root crops such as carrots, potato, Swedes, beetroot and the like. For leafy vegetables including lettuce, spinach, celery, parsley and the like, pick the outside leaves by breaking them off in a sidewards motion so that the leaves snap off at the base. This will ensure that the plants keep producing. For fruit - you know the drill. 

Those who wish to reap should also be prepared to plant, weed, water and maintain.   


It's not all about work. In fact it's more about play than anything. You may wish to have a game of CHESS while sipping a cool beverage from the bar. Perhaps a roll up on the BOWLING green would tickle your fancy. The KIDS CLUB HOUSE, the TYRE SERPENT and SAND PIT are strictly for kids (or kids at heart).