Meet The Team – Figtree Croydon

Sara – Educational Leader Early Learning Services

My name is Sara and I am delighted to introduce myself as the Educational Leader at Figtree Early Learning Centre. I collaborate with and support fellow educators and provide curriculum direction and guidance.

The opportunity to work in partnership with families, our team of educators and the wider community to develop educational programs for our children is a source of great motivation for me. At Figtree Early Learning Centre we strive to create and maintain positive relationships and I look forward to the welcoming more children and their families to our wonderful community based service.  

What I like about working at Figtree is that I like being part of an organisation with such an inspiring and positive mindset.

Outside of work I like catching up with friends & family, bushwalks and doing yoga! Fun Fact: I am a registered Yoga teacher!

Eva – Early Childhood Educator 

My name is Eva, and I am an educator in the Jarjums room (3-5) at Figtree Early Learning Centre. 

My day includes talking and singing with the children, developing routines for them, helping them develop the skills necessary for school readiness and grow socially with the other children.

I love being able to nurture, care for and support the preschoolers each day. Watching them grow, develop, and achieve various milestones gives me so much joy!

What I like about working at Figtree is the positive team environment and good management. Looking after children is my passion, and I love the values and great atmosphere at Figtree.

Outside of work I absolutely enjoy hanging out with my friends and the greater community when I am not working. Fun Fact: I’m really good at Dancing!

Karen – Early Childhood Educator

My name is Karen and I’m a Diploma trained educator at Figtree Early Learning Centre.

I have been lucky enough to be part of the St Anthony’s Family Care team for more than 30 years and working in early childhood education and care continues to be my passion and lifelong goal. I love helping all children feel safe, secure and supported.

Working at Figtree is a positive and happy place to work. The staff at Figtree are very supportive and care for each other which helps me to feel a sense of belonging.

When I’m not working I enjoy baking, going for walks around our area and visiting nurseries and craft markets.

My name is Carmela, and I am a Casual Educator at Figtree Early Learning Centre. 

I have a Diploma in Children Services; a Current First Aid and I have taken part in various training sessions throughout my childcare career. I’m happy to be a part of the Figtree Team/Community as my goal is to give the children a loving and safe environment which we can provide at Figtree.

What I like about working at St Anthony’s is how they support my passions, have great values and foster a nurturing atmosphere at Figtree. I feel welcome every day and I love being around the children, making them smile and providing a safe and loving environment for them.

Outside of work I enjoy going on walks, cooking and spending time with friends and family. My children keep me busy with all their sports activities as well.

Figtree also has an excellent support team who work tirelessly to assist our educators and treat the children with love, care and respect.